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What is TexaKona?

TexaKona is combination of the words "Texas" and "Kona". We all know what Texas is but if you're unfamiliar with the term Kona, Kona is a district on the big island of Hawaii. We partner with Kona farms to bring fresh grown Kona beans from the island to our roasting facility in McKinney. We then roast the beans, blend them with beans from other countries (such as our Kenya/Kona blend known as Swahili Sixgun) and then package them so you can get fresh and local coffee in your cup!

What is Beanius?

Beanius is TexaKona Coffee Roaster's second line of products! Let's face it, not everything HAS to have Kona in it. We sourced and created these single origin and non-Kona blend options so we can serve a wider variety of customers.

Our Beanius motto is simple: We want you to think smarter about your coffee. We want to educate new and old coffee drinkers to make a better cup at home. We are working on launching our Beanius Coffee Museum soon, as well as numerous online social channels centered around education

Beanius Logo B-W.png

What Makes Us Different?

It's difficult to separate one coffee roaster from another. We set ourselves a part by specializing in Kona blends, roasting fresh in Texas and roasting consistently to your desires. We hope to educate all our partners and customers while relating, educating and caffeinating with them. We want to be your guide on your entire coffee journey, from beginner to expert. Every encounter with each bean should be a special one, from seed to cup. Let's work together on making coffee fun for everyone!

Where Can I Purchase Your Coffee?

We have an online store dedicated to shipping our fresh roasted coffees straight to your door or business! Want to pick up a bag in person? Click the link below to find a place near you!

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