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Elaine, entreprenuer and cappuccino lover, grew up on a coffee plantation in Kenya, Africa and her family moved to other coffee-centric locations such as Teheran, Iran and Kuwait City, Kuwait before coming to America. Born in New Mexico, she loves Hawaii and met a farmer there and they opened Pacific Tradewinds Coffee together in 2015. Elaine and Roaster husband, Roaster Dave, became the sole owners in 2020 and are focused on the TexaKona Roasters brand and monicker. They love to Relate to their customers, Educate them how to have great coffee at home and to caffienate them too! if this place remains Family owned, customer focused and a great place to work--then it will be a success in our view!


She loves hot espresso drinks made of Bombay Bluebonnet or pour overs made from Swahili SixGun as her top picks. The Krackle is her favorite coffee-infused treat.



Director of Beverages and Special Projects

Patrick “Beverage Beast” (Title Pending Approval) is the head of beverages, IT and quality assurance at TexaKona. He oversees the relationships among all of the shops and helps create drink recipes and blend recipes. He created TexaKona’s famous Journalist blend, FroJavas and Amped Pour Over Cereals. When he’s not swearing at printers, he’s on social media responding to fans and making sure all of the technology is working properly by restarting all the devices. 


I love keeping it cool with cold coffee drinks! I drink iced lattes made from our Journalist blend in the mornings and in the afternoons I'll warm things up with a Lone Star Blend pour over!



Head Barista & Coffee Artist

Whitney is a true coffee lover from east Texas with a passion for the visual arts, storytelling, and music from all decades. Having been managing coffee shops and immersing herself in the culture since college, she dreams of owning a coffee truck and spreading the perfect coffee experience across America. When she isn't working and painting at the TK Coffee Museum, you can catch her operating a TK booth at a local event!


She absolutely loves the Kenya Kid, and prepares it using a Chemex every morning with her puppies. When she's at work she enjoys introducing people to quirky flavor combinations like lavender + coconut.



Coffee Roaster

Roaster Dave is TexaKona's primary roaster! He's known for drinking americanos and pour overs. Dave and his roaster, Heisenberg (Loring Kestrel S35), cooks a legal stimulant known as “Caffeine” AKA coffee! Be sure to catch him giving roasting tours on weekends!


He likes americanos brewed with Bombay Bluebonnet, Hario V60 pour overs made with Swahili SixGun and talking your ear off about coffee



Director of Manufacturing

Roaster Rob is a TexaKona roaster and head of manufacturing! He served in the U.S. Navy and he loves his americanos and pour overs plain as can be. He will treat himself occasionally with a “sweet drink” with a banana split when he wants to treat himself. Roaster Rob loves roasting with Dave and always ensures the coffees are roasted to perfection.


“Swahili Six Gun is my favorite but I love an americano with the Journalist blend too”

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